Coke Bust

—Permanent Mission


"Permanent Mission" - Coke Bust.

If you believe in freedom
You wouldn’t support killing women and children
No matter where they live.
If you support the troops,
You won’t send them off to die in a war.
Spending billions of dollars spreading democracy
All around the globe and we can’t feed our own poor.
We have piles of problems
We have needs of our own and struggles without going offshore.
A permanent mission that started with vengeance
And hatred still lacks an objective.
There’s even more violence and we’ve angered our enemies.
This war has been ineffective.
So what the fuck are we doing
And better yet tell me what the fuck have done?
In fear of attack we’ve made an institution,
And created a culture of imperialism and they can’t take it back.
Cheap lives, cheap gas.
War economy, got to renew the contracts.
Keep going, don’t stop.
Not just Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq.
Keep going, don’t stop.
3,000 dead and I know you never forgot.

(via dogxlover)

Make Do And Mend



These are the days that are putting wrinkles on my face, and I’ve been forced to admit that the slightest weight could bury me. And now the leaves are turning on the trees, and there’s a map between me and what I need. I don’t know if it needs me, it feels like I’m sinking.